Balanced Literacy Program

K-4 Literacy Program Overview
Students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade are emerged in reading, writing, speaking,and thinking critically about text.  All students develop their literacy skills at different rates and therefore, we apply Balanced Literacy strategies and techniques to ensure student success.  Whether a student is a proficient or a developing reader/writer, they need to have a variety of experiences.  A Balanced Literacy program consists of reading and writing that support each other.  This approach allows the teacher to develop instruction that meets the various needs of the students. 
Components of Balanced Literacy
  • Reading Aloud - Teacher reads aloud to the whole class or small group
  •  Shared Reading - Teacher and student read the text together        
  •  Independent Reading - Students read independently
  • Guided Reading - Teacher leads small group reading lessons at a level appropriate for success and challenge
  • Writing Aloud - Teacher models writing by writing aloud (modeling thinking, planning, questioning, drafting and revising)
  • Shared Writing - Students compose story and the teacher acts as a scribe           
  • Guided Writing - Teacher guides the students in the creation of their own writing
  • Interactive Writing - Teacher and students share the pen to compose a story    
  • Independent Writing - Students write independently
  • Writer's Workshop - Students independently compose writing while teacher acts as a guide      
  • Literacy Centers - Students engage in independent, open-ended, reading, language and writing activities
  • Phonics Instruction (Working with Words) - Students are taught how to attack words and analyze patterns and sounds to help them decode and construct words on their own.    
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