Child Assault Prevention


         During the next few weeks, Sharon School will be participating in the Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project.  As parents concerned about the safety of your children, we hope you will join us in participating in this program.


          The CAP project aims to prevent child assault by teaching children to recognize and deal with potentially dangerous situations.  The program will include a parent program and individual classroom workshops for children in the first grade.


                Our parent program will be held on DATE COMING SOON at 7 PM in the Sharon School Media Center.  This program includes information on child sexual assault, identification of child assault victims, reporting of abuse, and crisis counseling skills. There will also be a detailed description of the children’s workshop.


The classroom workshop combines guided group discussion with a series of role plays focusing on situations children frequently encounter:  a child-to-child assault; adult stranger-to child assault; and an assault involving an adult the child knows. Discussion helps children identify what options they have to protect themselves.  The strategies we focus on are self-assertion, peer support, and telling a trusted adult.


             The success of the CAP project depends on the support of the school community.  Because we encourage children to share their experiences and concerns with adults, it is important for parents and school staff to be willing and able to respond to these concerns. 
Class Schedule for CAP
 Coming Soon!