Program Overview

The Guidance program at Sharon Elementary School consists of various components.  It includes monthly classroom lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling.
Each month lessons are presented on character building traits and conflict resolution skills. 
Small group counseling is offered throughout the year.  The small groups are designed to assist your child in dealing with emotions, situational difficulties, and decision making skills.  These optional groups offer an opportunity for those children who have common concerns to share feelings with one another and work toward finding viable solutions. 
The groups that we offer for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade are: My Family Has Changed, Family Stars, Control Patrol, Friendly Friends, Be Cool, and Marvelous Me.
The groups that we offer for 3rd and 4th Grade are:  Changing Families, Emotion Manager, Friendship Factors, Stress Buster, Don't Lose your Cool and Being the Best Me.  
Individual counseling is done on an as needed basis.  This can be initiated by the student, parent, teacher, administrator, or counselors.  Talks can range from school issues to home issues and everything in-between.